Ivars Rinkis

Ivars Rinkis

I’m part of the movement to defeat prostate cancer. Will you join me?

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer among men in the United States. 1 in 9 will be diagnosed in their lifetime — that’s more than three million fathers, brothers, husbands, uncles, partners, grandfathers, friends, colleagues and neighbors.

Right now, we have the power to change this. We have the power of Many.

Every day, scientists are making extraordinary breakthroughs in precision treatments that target the genes responsible for prostate cancer. A cure is no longer a matter of “if,” but “when.” With enough funding, scientists can end prostate cancer within five years. And because prostate cancer shares genetic markers with at least 16 other kinds of cancer, they’ll also discover new treatments for breast, colon, ovarian, and lung cancer — and many more.

100% of the money we raise for "Many vs Cancer" will go directly to the Prostate Cancer Foundation, which funds a network of more than 1,000 of the world’s top cancer researchers. These are the people who will discover the cure and save millions of lives — and together, we are directly funding their work.

By donating to my page, you’re joining thousands of other people around the world who care about ending prostate cancer — and who are stepping up to do something about it. When Many people come together, we can do extraordinary things.

I won’t stop until we live in a world where no man or woman dies from these types of cancers. We are close to seeing this day, and every dollar makes a difference — every donation brings us closer. Please join me in being part of the solution.

After all, it takes more than one person to defeat cancer. It takes many.



Dear Friends,
Thank you so, so much for taking part in my project '' Miracle March''. Without you, it would only have a name, not a soul! 
It is so important, that my story is heard, so You or your loved ones can protect themselves, sometimes by easy PSA test.
And I know, not always it will be that easy, and cancers still will happen, but we all together already make a difference, by donating, by sharing with others!

Thank you for running with me on Sanday, I can't believe, but '' Miracle March'' runs happened not only in Staten Island but also in Latvia, London,  Spain, and Mexico!!!! Thank you to those who helped it organize outside the USA. Together we are UNSTOPPABLE Power!!!!!!

Thank you for not being afraid of cold weather here in Staten Island, thank you to those, who say that they are not runners, but came anyway, thank you for making ''Miracle March'' so much fun.
Thank You for all your Donations, we raised 4500$!!!!!!

The project will be ongoing and you can share it with your friends and families, donations are always accepted here:

Thank you to our Sponsors: Booksrun, Star Diagnostics, Postal Connections in Staten Island and Girts Kalnins.

Sending much love and health to all of you and your families,

Ivars Rinkis

Here is link to all pictures:

Ivars Rinkis

Miracle March sponsored by Booksrun

Thank you friends

Ivars Rinkis