Ramiro Siliezar

Ramiro Siliezar

I'm running races throughout the 2020 season in support of the Prostate Cancer Foundation. My next race is coming up! Please help me reach my goal for 2020 by making a donation. If you would like to train or run with me, please let me know. ​

I am getting faster and faster this season, but I need your support! I am raising funds for vital research and I need your help. Please make a donation to my page and help me fund the cure.​

I have raised more than $55,000 for the Prostate Cancer Foundation over the past 7 years through the support of my coworkers, family and friends. 

14 million men have prostate cancer. 1 in 9 will be diagnosed in their lifetime.

Right now, we are at a decisive moment: A cure is within reach. It is no longer a matter of “if,” but “when.” Science has shown us how we will conquer prostate cancer — now we just need to fund it.

Many vs Cancer will be the greatest crowdfunding effort the world has ever seen: the movement to cure prostate cancer. We are rallying with prostate cancer patients everywhere to raise $1 billion for prostate cancer research. Every dollar makes a difference — every donation moves us closer to our goal.

Together, we will fund the cure.

Upcoming Races in 2020:

March 8: Los Angeles Marathon

June 28: Arroyo Creek Half Marathon

August 23: Mexico City Marathon

October 18: Pasadena Half Trail

Races Completed in 2020:
January 19: Pasadena Half Marathon

Races Completed in 2019:

January 20: Pasadena Rose Bowl Half Marathon - 1:48 finish time

March 24: LA Marathon - 4:12 finish time

May 5: Vancouver Marathon - 4:55 finish time

May 26: Mountains to Beach Marathon - 4:18

August 18: America's Finest City Half Marathon - 1:55

November 3: Malibu Half Marathon

November 24: Topanga Canyon Trail Run 15K

November 28: Downtown Los Angeles Turkey Trot 10K

Races Completed in 2018:

January 21: Pasadena Rose Bowl Half Marathon - 1:54 finish time

February 4: Surf City Half Marathon - 1:48 finish time (top 8% overall)

March 18: LA Marathon - 4:10 finish time (37 minutes faster than last year!)

May 6: OC Running Festival Half Marathon - 2:04:11 finish time

June 10: Valley Crest Half Marathon -  2:04:07 finish time

July 29: San Francisco Half Marathon - 1:57:37 finish time (top 18% for my age group)

August 26: Mexico City Marathon - 4:23:56 finish time

October 5: Jet Blue Long Beach Half Marathon - 01:48:02 finish time (Top 8% for my age group. 8 minutes faster than my fastest previous half marathon)

November 4: Malibu Half Marathon - 1:52:07 finish time 


Estoy corriendo en competiciones para supportar de la Prostate Cancer Foundation para recaudar fondos para la investigación vital y unirse a la lucha contra el cáncer de próstata.

He recaudado más de $ 55,000 para la Fundación de Cáncer de Próstata en los últimos 6 años a través del apoyo de compañeros de trabajo y correr maratones.

14 millones de hombres tienen cáncer de próstata. 1 en 9 será diagnosticado en su vida.

En este momento, estamos en un momento decisivo: una curación está al alcance. Ya no es una cuestión de "si", sino "cuándo". La ciencia nos ha demostrado cómo vamos a conquistar el cáncer de próstata - ahora solo necesitamos financiarlo.

Muchos vs Cáncer será el mayor esfuerzo de crowdfunding que el mundo haya visto: el movimiento para curar el cáncer de próstata. Nos estamos reuniendo con pacientes de cáncer de próstata en todas partes para recaudar mil millones de dólares para la investigación del cáncer de próstata. Cada dólar hace la diferencia - cada donación nos acerca a nuestra meta.

Juntos, financiaremos la cura.

Ramiro Siliezar

Ramiro Siliezar

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Ramiro Siliezar