Steven Malikowski

Steven Malikowski

In the summer of 2018, I cycled 4,200 miles across the US and raised over $1 per mile. That ride is over, but my prostate cancer is still with me. So I'm raising more money to fight it. I was diagnosed in 2015 along with 29,000 other Minnesotans. I want to raise a dime for each of them, so I've added $2,900 to my goal--for a total of $7,462.

I'll be raising money by making requests when I teach or give presentations about bike touring. Some organizations are also writing blog posts or articles about my ride, so that will be another source of fund raising. Please consider donating if you attend my classes, see my presentations, or read an article about my cycling.

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My Story

I’ve been a distance runner & cyclist for 20 years, and I’ve had cancer for 2. Due to new medication, I can stay more of an athlete than a cancer survivor. In this case, I’m cycling across the US to raise money for cancer research. I'm riding with a group from Adventure Cycling (AC), and recently, staff from AC were good enough to mention my fund-raising in their e-newsletter. I sincerely appreciate that and want to thank any AC cyclists who stop by this web page.

My cancer isn’t cured, and it’s not in remission. It’s being held down with new medication. To keep it down, we need funding for more research. That’s why all the money I raise will go to the Prostate Cancer Foundation (PCF). It’s done great work funding new treatments, including the one I’m on.

If you'd like to see movies, pictures, and stories of my bike ride across the US, please stop by my cycling blog at

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Steven Malikowski

Cycling over Hoosier Pass

The highest point on our trip was Hoosier Pass. We've cycled over a few mountains, so I thought this would be similar. It was longer, harder, and better. I was surprised at how great it felt to reach the top. I also have a video of cycling down the mountain, love that.

Steven Malikowski